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A Father and His Son - by Stephen May

Here's my story, to read will only take a while.

My only aim is to make you smile

Maybe I don't know why,

Some will laugh and some may cry.

September last year he became unwell,

What it was no-one could tell.

In his young life he'd come to a junction,

His kidneys were under major malfunction.

As his dad I assured him everything would be fine

If it came to it, he could have one of mine.

As weeks came and past,

It was certain his kidneys wouldn't last.

December arrived, so did Amelia Rose,

What would happen next no-one could propose.

Christmas and New Year were as joyous as can be,

But what of the future? No-one could see.

January, his mother and me did what we thought best,

We stepped forward and did the first test.

Anxiously we waited and the results they came,

I was a match I was the same.

As weeks went by more test I did,

No-one could tell the fears he hid.

Along the way we met new friends and staff,

Stories were told and we even managed a laugh.

I got a call, May 18th a date had been set,

We went along, our surgeons we met.

The day arrived, we were going under the knife

After today it would be a healthier life.

He was told it would be good to pass water as soon as he was able,

They released the first clamp and he did it on the table.

Now look to the future to happier days,

We're made of sturdy stuff, us Mays.

So it could be Amelia Rose off to Disney,

With Mum, Dad, and his new Kidney.

The story has almost been told,

Here's hoping together they all grow old.

Now my story is finally done,

Born from the love of a Father and his Son.



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