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Our Story

In 2017, PD Belts was created by Morag for her husband who was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy. Shortly after diagnosis, and the birth of their daughter, he found out that he had kidney failure and needed to undergo peritoneal dialysis. 

As he lived an active lifestyle, they searched for a support belt that would hold the catheter tube in place. However, the product selection wasn't great - the most common method used by dialysis patients is a strap with a clip, which shows through clothing and isn’t secure enough to participate in sports.

As a result, Morag designed and produced the PD Belt. Made with stretchy lycra, it minimises the external appearance of your dialysis tube. The quick and easy velcro fastening makes it adjustable for maximum comfort and fit. Our PD Belt doesn't snag or show through clothing and securely holds the catheter in place, thanks to the PD pocket.

Dialysis Belt User

We believe our PD Belt is the best form of support for peritoneal dialysis patients, and we are confident that it will provide the level of support you need to live as normal a life as possible whilst on peritoneal dialysis.

In 2024, PD Belts changed ownership to Arlene who has 50+ years of experience in sewing. She is now the proud owner and is excited to continue the wonderful work Morag started.

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