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Our Story


In September 2016, my husband, Curtis, was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy. Our lives changed forever.

He'd gone to the doctors with a headache, and two days later, we were told he'd need a kidney transplant in the next 3 years, and that he would more than likely need dialysis. At 25 years old, with a baby on the way, it was the last thing we ever expected to happen.

That December, two weeks after our daughter was born, we found out that Curt's kidneys had failed completely, and that he was going to need peritoneal dialysis. Curt is an active man, so he was keen to lead as normal a life as possible after the catheter insertion. That meant finding a product that could give him enough support to live his life to the fullest. 


When the catheter tube was inserted, we looked for support straps that would hold the tube in place so that he could still do everything he enjoyed before the diagnosis, but the product selection wasn't great. The most common method used by dialysis patients is a strap with a clip, which shows through outer clothing and isn’t secure enough to participate in many sports.

So I created a belt that would hold the tube in a comfortable position and prevent it from snagging on outer clothing. The PD Belt is made from Lycra with a velcro fastening, allowing the user to adjust the belt for maximum comfort and fit. The dialysis catheter is held in place within the belt with the PD Pocket, and the outer edge will not show through clothing. Each belt is handmade with high quality Lycra for a secure hold and a smooth finish.


Living with Kidney Disease is not easy - trust us, we know. It can be debilitating, but it should not take over your life. We believe the PD Belt is the best form of support for peritoneal dialysis patients, and we are confident it will provide the level of support you need to live as normal a life as possible whilst on peritoneal dialysis.

Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Belt
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Belt
Dialysis Belt User
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