Keeps your PD Catheter Safe, Secure and Discreet

"Living with Kidney Disease is not easy - trust us, we know. It can be debilitating, but it should not take over your life. We believe the PD Belt is the best form of support for peritoneal dialysis patients, and we are confident it will provide the level of support you need to live as normal a life as possible whilst on peritoneal dialysis." Morag May-Allen - Founder

Discreet and Comfortable 


Our Peritoneal Dialysis Belt discreetly and securely holds the entire dialysis tube in place, giving you the confidence to live a normal life.


Made of stretchy lycra, with a quick and easy velcro fastener our PD belt minimises the external appearance of your dialysis tube.


Secure - Holds entire PD Tube in place

Machine Washable and Durable- Re-use again and again

Made with Lycra - Fitted and discreet

Available in all sizes for any age


Fully contains the PD Catheter

Have confidence in your Peritoneal Dialysis Belt - doesn't show through  your clothes!