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Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Belts

Keep your PD Catheter safe, secure and discreet

Our Peritoneal Dialysis Belt discreetly and securely holds the dialysis tube in place, giving you peace of mind. PD Belts was created to allow people experiencing dialysis to have the confidence to live an active and as normal life as possible.

Made with stretchy lycra, our PD Belt minimises the external appearance of your dialysis tube. The quick and easy velcro fastening makes it adjustable for maximum comfort and fit.


Our product doesn't snag or show through clothing and securely holds the catheter in place, thanks to the PD pocket.

  • Secure - safely holds the entire catheter tube in place

  • Comfortable - no snagging or bulky seams

  • Discreet - doesn't show through clothes

  • Durable - strong fabric that is machine washable

  • Convenient - simple and easy to use


Each belt is handmade in the UK with high quality Lycra and materials from UK suppliers. We ensure that there is minimal waste in our production.

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